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  Muslims (in vicinity of the main Athikkadai) and Hindus (Mainly located in Anna Street). But it has an open policy on other religions people doing business, trade and work here. The communities here live the brotherhood feelings and respect each other and have mutual respect on daily life.

              As Jan 2009, there is   Athikkadai is a village located in the middle of  Kodracheri - Podakkudi Road.  The foundation of Athikkadai is believed to take place along the river bank of Vennaru. Geographically Athikkadai is centrally located by Mannargudi (South) – Kodavasal (North), Thiruvarur (East) and Thanjavur(West).

            History of Athikkadai belived to begun when the islams ruling in Tamil Nadu in 1692. But there was no proper documentation of the evolution and progress of Athikkadai become as it is now. But widely believed that between King Nawabs and  Serfoji II rulings the Athikkadai born as residential village. Before it was forest and house wild animals.

            The bearth of Name of this place believed by the tree name “Haathi” and density of the tree grows “Kaadu”. Later,  generation to generation "Haati Kaadu" become Athikkadai.

             Now, Athikkadai is modern village controlled and administered by Jamath Leaders (Mosque / Masjid administrator and treasury) with scale of full organize of domestic authoritarian in the area of religion and local village law.

             The residence of this place highly depends on the Jamath on every occasion such as death, marriage, complains, local law, custom law, local will, practice of village treasury and village trade.

              The village abode  33 main streets and 1330 registered house to the Jamath of Athikkadai. People here mainly self employed, working at local businesses or works in U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia,  Singapore, Brunei, Australia, France and Londan.


              Athikkadai has 3 main Bazar; A - Bazar, B - Bazar and C - Bazar known as “Kadaiteruvu” by local residents. This place hold shops, pharmacy, travel agency, post office, markets, society (government shops), PCO, Jamath offices, clubs, hang around points, restaurants and workshops. 

             Athikkadai houses is generally supplied free-flow of water by residents own underground water (motors or mechanical manual pumps). Free community water supply is provided twice a day by the authority. Electricity supplies available widely as other place in the district. 

            Athikkadai is connected by frequent bus services, private autos, cars and vans. Train services to here are available from the nearest station at Koradacheri. Rental cars and autos are available 24 hours.


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